Are we the masters of our own destinies… or were our destinies preordained by someone or something greater than ourselves? I certainly have had moments in my Life that would suggest that I was destined to be at one particular location at precisely the right time, and the fact that I am writing this today is evidence of that… because on more than one occasion I have escaped death by a mere millisecond of time, while others all around me passed away into eternity. There were other occasions as well, where I was able to assist, and at times even to save the Life of another, simply because I was at the right place at the right time. The problem I have with a God or fate, however, is that with the exception of those few exciting moments of predestined activity in my Life, the rest of it has been rather mundane, and I find myself wondering, now that I am in my twilight years, if I have outlived my purpose in being… or is there still more I must do?

For most of my Life, I have looked at people only from a Christian perspective, judging them and their actions by the Truths that I had been taught since early childhood. That was fine as long as I stayed within the confines of my Religion and only associated with those whose beliefs were similar to mine. But once I broke out of that confinement, I discovered that there were many people in this world who believed just as strongly as I did, but in a different set of Truths, and yet, they also did good deeds because of their beliefs. My first response was to say that their beliefs were wrong and mine were right… but you don’t make many friends that way, and I had a choice of either running back to the safety and isolation of the Christian fold, or trusting in the God I said I believed in. By trusting, I have discovered that not only is God real, but He is so much more than I had ever imagined. That realization has allowed me to form deep relationships with people of great integrity who, while different from me in some aspects of belief, are none the less, great people to be around.

I have a feeling that at the end, of what we now know as Time, all things will be revealed to us in their completeness, and we will then realize that the only differences between those who were religious and those who chose not to be, those who were blessed and those who suffered, or those who were colored and those who lacked color, were, like the spectrum of light that radiates from a perfectly cut diamond, the subtle variations in how each of us manifested the many Reflections of God, while jointly mastering our Destiny. 

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