Throughout history, many scholars, much smarter than I am, have studied and followed the teachings of Christianity, and therefore, some have asked me, how it is that I could reject their findings.  While I do not wish to belittle those who have spent a lifetime studying the Scriptures, the fact that intelligent men choose to study a particular subject does not in itself make it right for everyone. Intelligent men have also studied other religions besides Christianity and have followed them with just as much diligence as those who have followed Christianity and the results are always the same. Devotees who are willing to fight, kill, and die for the gods created from the teachings of these scholars whose ultimate goal is not the worship of a Holy God, but the building of earthly kingdoms for themselves.

Some have argued that the fact that many Christians have sacrificed their lives because of their faith in Jesus, is proof of the validity of Christianity. I would be the last person in this world to belittle those who pay the ultimate price by dying for a just cause. My own life was saved at the expense of the lives of 11 comrades in Vietnam and I have nothing but the highest regard for them and anyone else who gives up his life for another. The fact, however, that men were willing to sacrifice their lives to save mine, does not in any way purify war… nor does the fact that people have sacrificed their lives for Jesus, make Christianity any more valid than any of the other religions. Most religions were built on the blood of Martyrs, and if we include the blood of the victims of Holy Wars, which were and are today, being fought by religious groups, we begin to see a picture of something that is far from being what anyone would call Holy.

I am not interested in destroying anyone’s religious views or habits. We all crave security… and belonging to a religious group can provide us with the fellowship needed for us to have a meaningful life. The problem lies not in how a group of people decides to worship, but in how the group we belong to functions in the larger world community. Many religious groups support proselytizing of “pagan” peoples and most also support military actions against opposing religious groups. While these destructive actions may not require the direct involvement of a majority of its members, it does require financial support and backing. While I know of many good people who would never think about turning a child against his parents and culture, or would never think about killing another person… their support of those who do, makes them just as guilty as the people who do their dirty work.

I am not asking people to drop their religion and follow me, for no-one can follow me into myself. I am, however, asking people to look within themselves for answers to life’s questions and not to someone else… for until we have learned to accept ourselves completely, we will never even begin to realize the beautiful creatures we are becoming as a result of overcoming what many Christians call our “sinful nature”, but what I have come to think of as the ignorance of our true potential. 

Creation Itself is, in Essence, God… therefore let all of Creation rejoice, for Life is meant to be LIVED, not worshiped or studied, nor is it meant to kill or die for.

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