It started with a call from a group that called themselves the Chinese Little Master Hot Pot team. We have not had many visitors in almost two years and so we were excited that they wanted to come.

They came with three carloads of rice, clothes, school supplies, toys, and several soccer balls. The kids were a little slow in warming up to them but it wasn’t long before the place was buzzing with activity… perhaps the hands full of candy had something to do with that.

And just today Mr. Pheap 2, one of our old employees, stopped by with his family and gave us more rice, noodles, and a case of Coke (for me).

And as we were sitting on the swing after they left, someone reminded me that I had promised to let them cut the coconuts down for their snack… and so we did just that.

They went to get the ladder and Seng Hak went up to cut the coconuts down. It is a bit dangerous and not a very pleasant job but he managed to cut down enough for everyone to have their own.

And the biggest one they gave to me!

No, I didn’t get hit with a fallen coconut… but my glasses have seen better days and fortunately, I was finally able to escape to town after the 169th cremation on Thursday, so that I could order new ones.

Thanks for taking the time to read this update… a comment would really mean a lot to us.

The Watopotians

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  1. How wonderful for you all. Looks like you had a great time.

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