There are times when doubt and confusion find their way back into my Life… especially in these past few months. It would be nice to believe that political leaders were the primary cause of it all and that the investigations will clear the whole thing up in the coming weeks… but we all know that will not change things. Mankind lost the match years ago and all that remains today are the Kings and a few of the pawns, waiting to be sacrificed, in a game that will end in a draw, with no one winning.

Sometimes I wish that I could go back, in time, to that place of comfort I once knew, but… just as the intense camaraderie soldiers feel during a deadly firefight on the battlegrounds of our World, the Joy of worship was lost forever, on the other side of Awakening… an awakening to the reality that what was before, now lies in broken-lifeless pieces on the ground in front of me.

Perhaps it is just my age or maybe it is ours, that gives me this sense of hopelessness. I do not wish to paint a gloomy picture for those just starting out in Life, for I have had a rich and fulfilling experience and would hope that they too may find excitement in what lies ahead. If they were to ask for my advice it would be this:

1. Ask a lot of questions but seek the answers for yourself… don’t take the word of others.

2. Worry not where you will lay your head at night or what you shall eat in the day… let Life surprise you with Its generosity.

3. In whatever you choose to do in Life, don’t wade along the shoreline… jump into the middle of It, and experience Life at Its deepest level.

I have drunk the Wine of Emperor’s and sipped the Moonshine of the Poor… but once I tasted the Tears of my Compassion, there was no need to search for more.

Wayne Dale Matthysse

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  1. There is a significant story from you of which I should bear in my mind. Best wish.

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